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Hi I'm new to the forum and have had under active for as long as I can remember! Meds have been the same for years. I've currently been out of sorts getting viral infections that have lasted for weeks and generally feeling exhausted my b tests were all fine.

I follow a healthy diet struggle with sugar at times However, once I stay off I notice a difference it only takes one mint and I'm hooked again !! Currently cold turkey again !!

I do not feel confident with gps in general and stay away as much as possible! Although was considering asking for vitamin deficiency test ?

I was wondering what supplements to take, what your experiences are as there appears to be conflicting advice out there !

Many thanks in advance!

DB :-)

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Bushtime98 No once can help with what supplements to take unless we see test results (with ranges), so you can ask your GP or do them privately

Vit D





As you say your blood tests are fine, is that your doctor's opinion or do you have a copy of them? If so please post them, with reference ranges, so members can comment. If not please ask your surgery for a print out, you are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act if you are in the UK.


Thank you for your response I will request from my gp tomorrow.

I was told that they were in normal range I will investigate further.


Just as an example, if your vitamin B12 was 145 with a reference range of 140 - 700 your doctor would tell you your result was "fine" or "normal". But patients have found out that they generally feel better with a result which is much higher. The same is true for every nutrient you can think of. The bottom of the reference range is not a good level to have, but your doctor will tell you that you are fine.

Some doctors tell patients that they are fine with levels below the bottom of the reference range. They seem to think "close enough" and send the patient on their way.

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Thanks I'm going to get a print out from my gp.

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