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Fast resting heart rate and breathlessness

I have been experiencing both of these symptoms, although as I mentioned in another post, stopping acupuncture and and chinese herbs and cutting back on my thyroid supplements has all helped to bring my resting heart rate down.

I am still a little breathless but am also very unfit and overweight.

I have always had the tendency of getting out of breath easily, even I was exercising more regularly. In the last 5-6 weeks it seems to be happening when I am not exerting myself though.

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You need a new blood test to know whether your results are too high or too low.

Breathlessness can also be due to hypothyroidism if on insufficient hormones but as you have been trying to improve your health by additions I think it wise for you to have a new test. If you can afford a private one, we have two recommended labs who do home pin-prick tests and I'll give you a link.

You need TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3 and thyroid antibodies.

Test should be at the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards.

Also ask GP to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as deficiencies can also cause problems for us.

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Thank you - you answered another question that I had in my last post about frequency of testing too. I'll get it done asap and make sure to fast this time.

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