Medical Condition which has Physical symptoms - not Psycholgical

Long term health condition with my son 27 years old - ( diagnosis to date aspergers scoliosis of spine and mild C.P. was starved of Oxygen at birth had Hypoxia 15/20 min )

(Had Low potassium regular in blood tests and c reactive protein 3/7 ) and regular

Tachycardia and raised heart rate - all testst negative

He has started last year July 2016 where he was walking with me and lost power/feeling to left leg (dragging leg ) and weakness this has looked at by Neurologist who noted loss of sensation to left leg below knee and foot - but to dat have no diagnosos ( spine and brain scam MRI have shown no mechanical issues/physical )

He has also started with collapse floor with both legs from Knees

also complete black out and collapse past 7/8 months - again no diagnosis

He finds walking difficult and walks like shuffle/penguin

Had routine blood tests other than raised c reactive protein

He has general weakness to muscles and drooping eyelids which are hard to open

Has pain to both knees lower/mid/neck back and headaches and does not like bright light

have seen Neurologist and to date no Diagnosis and seem Rheumatologist

no diagnosis one consultant mentioned Metabolic an other Myasthenia Gravis

Spanish Consultant told me could be functional Brain Damage & or Hypopituitarism

Andersen Tawil type 1 or 2 ( needs functional MRI & spect pet scan as its his Opion which I agree with is Brain Functional problem which is causing problems )


Paul - please e mail what I should do and any advise as I am quite concerned


welcome any ideas/opinions

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  • My first suspicion would be low vitamin B12 and/or folate.

    But blood testing of the thyroid and basic nutrients would be a good idea.

    One of these tests would be a good idea, if you are prepared to pay :

    Also, get his electrolytes and potassium checked. If he has been known to have low potassium in the past he may well have it again. And having had it just once myself, I know how awful it makes people feel. I take over-the-counter potassium supplements in small doses (maximum of 99mg x 4 per day at the most) which I find helpful.

    Another thing to consider is magnesium supplementation. Almost everybody is deficient in this, but testing for it is not very reliable, and not really worth doing. As long as the kidneys are reasonably healthy the body should get rid of excess magnesium. The maximum dose per day is 300mg - 350mg per day, best taken in the evening. Be aware it can cause diarrhoea in some people in some forms. Choose a supplement type from here :

  • I am not a medic - just a Grumpy Grandma ! Of course I am very concerned about your son - but from my reading I know how important it is for the health of the Mother whilst carrying the child. Having good thyroid hormones - B12 - VitD - all are vital for expectant Mums. I agree with @humanbean - B12 and Folate must be checked too ....

  • I don't know anywhere near as much as HB and Marz, but B12 jumped to mind with me too.

  • Yes, B12 was my first thought, too. Especially with the drooping eyelids - although I cannot say why that range a bell.

    I would have thought that a neurologist would have checked all his B vitamins, but perhaps his didn't? Or didn't correctly interpret the results? So, if he has results for this, please do post them.

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