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Chinese Acupuncture to help with symptoms


The latest attempt to feel better has taken me to see a Chinese Acupuncturist. I seem to be going round and round in circles with my complete lack of energy, pains and anxiety issues - so I am giving this a whirl.

Only Day 1. and so too early to say anything but I am going to go twice a week for a while and see if any energy can be got flowing!

Has anyone had any experience of this as a relief to things?

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I too have tried many many things ...I went to accupuncture for months on end and it didn't do anything at all!....everyone responds differently to it so it may work for some ..unfortunately not me though lol!

I tried acupuncture when I was first told that my thyroid was slightly low. I did not want to take any medication given by the doctor and thought I would try alternative medicine. The acupuncturist said she did not believe that I had hypothyroidism, but she put the needles in the appropriate places. I tried this for a few weeks, but was disheartened by her disbelief in the diagnosis. When I went for my next blood test it showed that my TSH levels were higher than before, so I don't think it worked ;-)

I spent maybe 3 months having both Chinese herbs and Chinese Acupuncture at the Zhai clinic in London (Harley Street). Although I found the acupuncture relaxing, I had my worst cycle of IVF ever and it had to be stopped due to 'empty follicles' which has never happened before. I spent maybe £3500 in total and wish I hadn't bothered. Although I can tell myself I tried it and did everything I could to try and make ivf work. I also have been diagnosed with Hashimotos and high antibodies/ TSH. Felt worse after treatment to be honest, but everyone is different. Best of luck x

Oh heck - not feeling too positive now!

Tried it in similar circumstances. No cure achieved but it only took 2 visits for the doctor to admit that what I had was far beyond what she could offer. Suggest acupuncture is not suitable for thyroid afflictions.

You say in a previous post you had a TT.

I suffered for 8 years on levo only after a TT. Gave up with the GP and got myself some NDT. It hasn't cured everything but suspect what remains is simply me getting old and failing to admit it to myself. Do yourself a favour and get some yourself to give it a try; it is highly unlikely to make you feel worse and at best could solve all your problems.

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