Oh well

So I went against all my instincts, all advice on here...yes I know stupid woman....and stopped taking the T3. I have put on a 1lb a week, swollen feet and hands, big moon face, and now the exhaustion is unbearable......I have an appointment with the bloody (oops...) Endo next week...but am wondering now that bloods have been done if I should start using the stockpile of T3 I have? If so...do I start on a low dose and build up. I WILL LISTEN THIS TIME....promise xxx

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It will help members advise if you post the results and ranges and say how much Levothyroxine you were taking when you had the blood test.

Ok, thank you...once I have my appointment, I will hopefully get a print out...then will update. X


Write a new post when you have them because updates often get overlooked.

Thanks Clutter, will do x

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