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Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone. I am new to this site and just could do with a bit of advise. I fell ill just over a week ago. I was shaking, felt very nervous and have been really hot. My thyroid had also visibly grown. I saw my GP and was sent straight up to the hospital. There they told me i had thyrotoxicosis due to overactive thyroid. I have got to wait a couple of weeks to see the endocrinologist but doctor has put me on carbimazole. I don't feel well. Can anyone give me an idea how long I might feel this way

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Hi Hun, bless you, I had the same problem and had my thyroid removed in 2006, I felt very poorly at first and the meds take a while to get ure thyroxine levels down, you will feel better soon hopefully, but if you don't after few wks go back to ure gp, I made my family's life a misery as I was so anxious and couldn't function, let the people around you know what u are going through, I hope you feel better soon, tina x

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