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Hi everyone 😉

Yes I have lots of problems with thyroid issues , Crohn's,Lactose,Fructose,Wheat intolerance Auto immune, antinflamatory etc. got a cyst on my overies and the list is staggering 😥😖

So bear with me. Have struggled lots there's been uppsss but more downs even as far as depression I'm of meds for now. But the weight issue is there not fat but fluids. Ahhhhhh I do believe it's fluids cause don't forget the hormones are playing up as well. But there's so many and Crohn's and Celiac causes a mimic state and can bring up over 300 deceases 😒😒😕😕😮😮😲😲

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I think if you're only wheat free, it would be worth cutting out the other gluten things too and trying totally GF as you mention, coeliacs can very often mimic the others. I had a lot of water retention until a few months after I gave up all gluten and all my issues cleared up also. My daughter was the same and was intolerant to many foods which flared up her eczema etc but these others seem to have gone away since going GF and nothing else triggers her now. You could also have a quick check of your blood glucose levels too and make sure all okay? Also high salt intake and dehydration can cause water retention.

Hope you feel better soon :-)


Do you have any blood test results you can share with us - to include the ranges. You will be suffering from very important vitamin deficiencies due to the Crohns - so have the following tested :- B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD - they need to be optimal and not bumping along the bottom of the range.

When your vitamins and minerals are GOOD - you will feel so much better.

I was diagnosed with Crohns over 43 years ago and Hashimotos 12 years ago. Currently feeling good - but still learning :-)


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