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Just wondering

Hi guisha girl,I was putting on lots of weight and went to have a blood test the first test came back saying my thyroid was 35 not working than I recieved a call 2 days later saying I'm celliac I was sent straight to a specialist who said take 100 mg through the the week of eutroxsig and 150 on the weekend which is okay just tired all the time the celliac I'm just trying to eat right I have no idea of what to expect is going to happen from either of these diseases all I was told was there is no cure except eating right I have weird aches I never had before I'm 55 I'm just wandering what I have to look fwd to

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Hello Bailey611

Untreated coeliac is thought to cause other autoimmune disorders such as hypothyroidism so I expect you've been coeliac for quite some time and this may have cause the thyroid issue or impacted it in some way.

It will take a while to get your thyroid replacement dose up to the right amount as you have to increase and then wait 6-8 weeks at least to retest and see if you need more so it will just take some time. Many Gps are not great at medicating thyroid so you may want to post your blood test results on here for further advice to see if optimally medicated. If you do not have thyroid antibodies and it is being caused by nutritional deficiency and other ongoing issues with untreated coeliac, you might find your thyroid function improves after going gluten free although this may not happen.

In regards to coeliac - this is actually great news as it is the one thing that is easily and perfectly treatable! You would have had this for a while so now you can resolve your health issues. You have to read up on cross contamination and even do things like buy a new toaster - read up on coeliacuk website, they have a lot of useful info on there. You have to be 100% gluten free to get rid of your symptoms. You should get further coeliac antibody tests to see if your new diet has lowered them enough or whether there are still areas you need to look at. It can take at least six months for your stomach to heal and for some of the symptoms and sometimes even a year or longer for full recovery - your immune system will remain triggered in your system for 3-6 months so even having one can of beer every three months is enough to keep you very poorly. However, you will find your health improving over this time.

If you do it properly, you should see massive improvements in your health and even things disappearing that you've ignored for a long time and thought was nothing - aches and pains, indigestion, teeth issues, fatigue and brain fog, eczema/rashes and so on- it can effect every area in your body. For example, when I went gluten free, this was the first time I realised I had ankles lol! I always had really fat lower legs and thought that was the way they're built but it turned out to be water retention all those years :-)

If you are struggling to figure out what to eat, I found sticking to simple food in its most natural form and unprocessed easier until I could get a better grip of reading labels and knowing more about it. Things like rice/potato/certified gluten free oats, meat, dairy, fruit, nuts, seeds and nuts were all I ate at first until I could get my head round it. Once your energy starts to return, you will be better placed to think more about it. Read up on coeliac uk, the more you understand and read, the better position you will be in to get better :-)

You must get all your nutritional levels tested and treated as you will have most likely have deficiencies - things like iron/vit b12/folate/vit d and many more. Again, post them on here for advice.

You should also have a dexa scan to check bone density as your bones are likely to have suffered from this and they treat to improve this. This and the nutritional testing should be offered as standard to anyway diagnosed with coeliacs anyway.

Hope you start to feel better soon :-)


Thankyou saggyuk that was very much appreciated I'm sure I have been celliac for years I always went to sleep an unnatural sleep after I ate bread and when I was younger and drank achohol I would fall asleep after one beer I knew it wasn't normal but I've been a carer all my life Foster's raised my own kids looked after my parents till they died now looking after my terminally​ ill husband the reason I ended up at the doctor's was feeling very poorly and knew I wasn't right so I totally agree with you about having it a long time next time I get a blood test I will post it and I will defaniatly keep my diet on track now you said that thankyou very much again for your help


I'm sorry to hear about your husband, it must be a difficult time with all that is going on, maybe take some time for yourself once in a while. Hopefully, your energy will improve and put you in a better place to deal with it all.

Yes, I always had that unnatural sleep crashing too but was diagnosed with a sleep disorder instead - typical lol!

Make sure they give you the tests I mentioned and I wish you well :-)


Thankyou again for your kind words i will be okay sorry you have a sleeping dissorder like you need that on top of everything thing else I hope your comfortable with your sleep disorder now I mean have an answer to it my husband would joke about and it was funny before we knew I had celliac he would ask me if I wanted a subway so I would sleep longer hahahaha I'll ask for the tests on my next visit I wish you well also between I'm an Aussie

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Ah sorry, I used to have one I meant which is what they diagnosed instead of finding the actual cause. Disappeared when went gluten free a couple of years ago so awake all day now so obviously the same as you lol! :-D


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