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Anxiety & Thyroid Disease - 5 Hot Tips!

I found this article really interesting and a lot of the advice I'm already trying to implement in my life. If you suffer too from severe anxiety I hope this article is if help to you too.

I also sent it to my daughter and friends so they could understand how and why I feel the way I do.

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Thanks for posting. It will be helpful to many members.


Thank you for posting this . I could have written this article myself .

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Me too! Honestly when I'm bad I get so paranoid I think no one likes me etc it's a horrible feeling and quite upsetting and overwhelming. So now when I have a wobble I hope my friends and daughter can understand just how difficult it is living like this x


I found going gluten free significantly reduced adrenaline/anxiety.

Magnesium very effective

Also adding probiotic was surprisingly calming

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