I can smell lavender when not wearing or being near it, should I worry

I have seen many posts about people smelling things that are not there, and most are unpleasant smells, but I can smell very strong lavender. Mostly if I am working out indoors and sometimes when I am just sitting watching TV. It comes suddenly. It is not unpleasant but as there is no lavender in the sitting room or in the garage (working out) I don't know if I may have a medical problem that this smell indicates.

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Phantosmia (olfactory hallucinations) smells are usually specific to each person and you are lucky you are smelling lavender as often the smell is unpleasant. If it is persistant and bothers you see your GP. nhs.uk/conditions/phantosmi...

The smell itself isn't bothering me, I just think that I saw something in a newspaper article a while ago that mentioned that lavender smells indicated some kind of illness when I am not near any source for the smell.


Google "Phantosmia+Lavender" but bear in mind Dr.Google prefers to tell you it is a brain tumour or epilepsy rather than a sinus infection or just something that occasionally happens for no ill reason. If you are worried you should see your doctor.

When I Googled "Lavender smell from nowhere" I got links saying it was due to ghosts and angels flitting through the house!

This paper explciitly mentions hypothyroidism and other endocrine disorders:

Smell and taste disorders


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