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period problems

i always had regular period.Every 12 of month and i was stable,last month i missed period but i had all the signs...now again i have period cramps and pain but not period yet i have done pregnancy test but its negative...whats going on.

since i increase my levo dose i feel better besides hair loss and fatigue i have gained a little bit more energy and i have managed to lost some weight.

i called the edno and said levothyroxine does not affect period.then what?Also in Cyprus i can only find one brand of levothyroxine and that is Euthyrox

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You stated 'I called the edno and he said levothyroxine does not affect period'. He may be right but it is actually hypothyroidism which does. So he doesn't know everything I am afraid. Female problems are common and some may even have unnecessary hysterctomies because of severe bleeding. Instead of Endos seeing that their patient is on an optimum of thyroid hormones and checking FT4 and FT3 to see exactly how much T3 is circulating in our bodies.

Hypo affects everything, everything in our body and it is not a case of TSH and T4 is 'fine' when patient has clear clinical symptoms.


Tick off your symptoms on the following and send to him to educate him to how many actual symptoms may be caused by hypothyroidism.


All should be relieved with optimum thyroid hormones, with levothyroxine, T4/T3 combo etc.



If you are undermedicated that can mess with your menstrual cycle. How long since you increased your dose and have you had blood tests since?


i m going to have the next blood test end of May.i have increased my dose before 3 weeks



Okay, you won't be getting the full impact of the dose increase yet so post your results and ranges after your next blood test.


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