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Just out of interest what should my g.p have done initially?

So im under an endo at the moment trying to lower my tsh slowly....

But just wondered as so confused with the mountain of information i now know about the thyroid...

Well Last year my tsh and ft4 both went high ft4 was only slightly over range though as it is always anyway...

Should my doctor at the time have reduced my levo or increased it??

Endo is saying that tsh and ft4 only both go high when u stop the levo or not take it properly and then start taking it in a higher dose which then increases the ft4 not giving the tsh chance to fall..

Only change at the time is the brand of levo..

Any thoughts??


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Your GP did the right thing in referring you to the endo. There are several reasons why TSH and FT4 may be high and they've been discussed in previous threads. Your endo obviously knows this because she has been conferring with Addenbrookes.


May i ask what addenbrookes is and are u saying the endo is wrong in what he said?



I thought you said your endo had contacted Addenbrookes Hospital for advice and I thought resistance to thyroid hormone, TSHoma and antibodies to TSH &/or FT4 antibodies interfering with the tests had been discussed in your previous posts. Apologies if I've confused you with another member.


No that must be another member.. my endo thinks maybe conversion problem but waiting to see if the tsh falls in the next 6 weeks of taking an increase..


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