Upping the dose of Levo

... When we are not well.

Hey all, quick question please, I have shingles atm. (yes, they are utterly EVIL!)

I have noticed that my system is really slow & dry skin etc. Does the thyroid need a bit of extra help when we are ill?

I have upped the dose of levo by 25mcg and will come back down when the shingles neuralgia passes or i go Hyper etc...

Am i doing the right thing??

cheers , Zu : )

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I think that I remember reading that infection can require a dose increase. Overstimulation can be judged by using the following:

Brill , thanks

z x

Did you notice my post a few days go about shingles?


Probably of no use whatsoever, but might be of some interest.

oh no sorry helvella - i will look now. i have just been skimming the boards lately. thanks for the link : )

I had mild case of shingles ( burning pain but didn't develop rash)couple of years ago,we googled it and found someone recommending magnesium,which I took large doses of,and it seemed to work for me!

Thanks for that ljk : )

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