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Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch HSIB

Seems this came into force 1st April (Hmmm) but will have a reasonable array of powers, or at least on paper. Is this anything we can make use of?

The can / will only investigate issues that happened since 1st April 2017 (so wouldn't apply to my CCGs blacklisting of t3) but may be applicable for others about to blacklist and / or possibly for the national ban looking to be imposed soon.

They are looking for safety incidents to investigate at the moment. Any thoughts?

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May i suggest to click onto diogenes and peruse the research papers he is involved with and posted in his name. From memory they cover the topics required ...

EDIT - this response should have been on your other post - apologies !


I've just done a quick google and it seems "safety incidents" are things like babies dying in unusual numbers, people dying during or after cardiac surgery in greater numbers than would be expected, that kind of thing.

I'm not sure how it affects us as thyroid patients. The issues we have are generally under-treatment not over-treatment, and we are (allegedly) under-treated for our own good.


A quick look suggests to me that anyone who is forced off T3 after 1st April 2017 could reasonably raise the issue.

My recent post - Converting from T3 - would appear to offer grounds to question removal of T3 without any safety coinsiderations whatosever being applied.


Multiple reports - from each person affected - might raise profile sufficiently?


I wish they'd do a survey of people who couldn't get better on levothyroxine but do well on T3 added to T4, T3 only or NDT. That would be good if only we can source T3 and NDT.


Their website is here:

Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch

HSIB is a new organisation that has become operational on 1st April 2017. Our purpose is to improve patient safety through effective and independent investigations that do not apportion blame or liability. We do this by determining the causes of health safety incidents, encouraging safety action and making safety recommendations to prevent it happening again. Although funded by the Department of Health, we operate independently.




I also found this - Department of Health. False or Misleading Information paper

Having gathered myself, it seems now we have to prove that T3 DOES have benefits to hypothyroid patients who have difficulty converting T4 into the usable T3 thyroid hormone. That seems to me to be the crux of the matter here.


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