Just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, not sure about the cause yet. Possibly Graves' disease but will have to wait until my scan and next appointment. Don't have any eye symptoms which the doctor tells me is a good sign. She says most people who develop the associate eye disease usually have it at the point of diagnosis of hyperthyroidism?? Don't know if this is true?

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That's not necessarily true about the eyes, I was diagnosed with Graves 20 yrs ago and had Rai 7 yrs ago my eyes were fine until about six months ago, now have double vision and gritty feeling in eyes also vision can be blurry at times waiting to see if this is thyroid eye desease I suspect it is. Your more likely to suffer with Ted if you smoke but I have never smoked so it can't be that in my case.with thyroid desease you just never know whats round the corner you just have to hope for the best, sorry you've been diagnosed with it I wish you well, if there's anything you need to know about treatments etc just shout out and someone will help you.

All the info I've read says it can happen at anytime, before, during or after treatment. It's scary, not knowing if you'll be affected. it feels like a waiting game. I've read also that early treatment of the eye disease can dramatically reduce the severity of your symptoms. I hope you get the treatment you need and quickly. This is a horrible disease.

TED can strike at anytime, I first had Graves when I was in my teens, no eye problems until around 30 years later when I relapsed into Graves again, thankfully it was only very mild.

My sister never had Graves but she had severe TED when she developed hypothyroidism in her 50s so everyone is at risk no matter which type of thyroid disease is present.

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