Difference between medication prescribed in Oz vs UK?

My friend in Australia is a fellow hashi's sufferer, but she didn't have any symptoms and it was discovered by chance due to an entirely different issue.

She says she is on a different product there which is more expensive so the NHS don't provide and it has to be kept in fridge and she think it mimics your hormones better.

Anyone know what this is?

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Syd35 Did you ask her what it is called? Could it be a liquid form of Levothyroxine? Or some kind of natural desiccated thyroid (but it doesn't normally require refrigeration)?

In Australia even levothyroxine requires refrigeration.

Haha never thought of that, could be down to their temperature :-)

It is - largely. A few years ago, they had a choice of reducing the life (shortening expiry dates) or requiring refrigeration. They (the bodies that control such things) decided that as everyone has a refrigerator, it was reasonable to expect it to be kept cool.

The Australian makes are Oroxine and Eutroxsig - but I think at least one other make is now available there.

SeasideSusie she always refers to it as thyroxine and she is on 100 but not sure if that is mcg, next time we speak I will ask her but I did already ask if it was liquid and she said no.

Well, thyroxine is the same as our Levothyroxine (it always used to be known as just thyroxine, certainly when I was put on it 40 odd years ago).

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