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Day 5 of Levo

So I thought I'd post a little update on my Levo experience so far.

As you know I'm only on 25mg which to be honest I didn't expect to do anything at all but I have to say already I'm not constipated any longer and for the first time in months my wedding and engagement rings are not tight and I can crack my knuckles. I've not been able to do this for ages due to my hands being so puffy. I also seem to be sleeping a lot better and the really weird thing is I don't seem to be having the constant sugar cravings.

I'm still tired and feel like I'm dragging myself around but there does seem to be some small improvement already and to be honest I wasn't expecting anything on such a low dose.

I keep thinking I'm imagining the improvements as it's so early on but I can definitely see the difference with these things.

I'm making a list of everything so I'm fully armed when I go back to the doctor and I can tell him where I have or haven't found improvements.

I just wanted to keep you all up to date as you've been so helpful. I have to say I'm still quite pessimistic as I have read that quite a lot of people seem to have initial improvement followed by slumps but I'm hoping that things will slowly start to get better and I can convince the Dr to keep increasing the dose until I feel more normal again.

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I am pleased you are finding improvements so quickly and you may be one of the lucky ones for whom levothyroxine suits.

By the end of six weeks you should feel a bigger improvement. He should increase your dose every six weeks until you have no symptoms. You can tell him that Dr Toft, ex President of the BTA recommends a TSH of below 1.

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Thanks Shaws I will add the TSH info to my list.

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It's perfectly normal to feel better on a dose, and then have a slump. It just means that you need an increase in dose. It's highly unlikely that 25 mcg is going to be enough for you long term. With hormones, you have to start low and increase slowly - but you do have to continue

Increasing until you are well. And that's where most doctors fall down in their treatment plans, they don't go on increasing for long enough.


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