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Feeling better after 2 years of hell

Well feeling better after 2 years of been very hill.Thanks to this group and there help.I went gluten free because of my antibodies been very high and I had to have a private test for that to tell me I have Hashmo,s then told doctor I have Hashmo,s he just said well it's the same medication and that's all.Told doctor gone gluten free and I feel a lot better and he said you must have something like coilica I said no you tested for that it was negative.Because when I has the doctor should I go gluten free he said no.Well glad I did I feel 80% better than I have in 2 years..And all thanks to this group with all the advice there gave me.

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Most medics have no idea & don't seem interested in learning about Hashimotos strong link to gut, nutrients & food intolerances either.

My local practice nurse was intrigued. I showed her a spread sheet of all my private blood test results over time including since going gluten free - clearly showing steady fall in TPO antibodies since GF (now halved from a year ago)

Also politely refused an NHS thyroid blood test in late afternoon

a) because of time of day

B) I had taken Levo within last 24hours

C) I would needed to have stopped Vitamin B complex a week prior (biotin in B complex can affect TSH result)

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