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Going through thyroid hell

Can anyone help! I am at my wits end with my thyroid problems. I started taking armour in 2012 after 20 years of hell on synthetic thyroid and at first it was wonderful but in 2015 it did not seem to work as well and the price was astronomical. I swapped to Nature thyroid which was okay (not great) but the last batch did not seem to work and weight has piled on also very tired all the time. I then got a supply of thai thiroyd about 8 weeks ago but it has not changed anything, i am now considering trying armour again and wondered if anyone is taking it and finding it works okay, also where to purchase it safely.

Any help would be wonderful!!!

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Have you had thyroid function tests to see whether you are optimally dosed?



I haven't had a test for a while, my GP is not happy that i am not taking the synthetic thyroid so i think I will have to have private tests done, do you know where I could get this done?

Thank you


Sorry you're feeling unwell. Hopefully a test will flag up what's going on. Good luck :)

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I take WP Thyroid as it is cheaper than Armour and it has less fillers. I use Blue Horizon for my blood tests.

Have you had all your key vitamins, D3, B12 checked to see that they are at good levels? Tiredness could also be low iron/ferritin.


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