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Depression and Carbimazole

Hi diagnosed recently with hyperthyroidism and given 15mg/day of Carbimasole. Have worked hard recently to lose a stone in weight so really don't want to put this back on. My most troubling symptom since I started taking Carbimasole is extreme depression. Can anyone tell me if this is normal as I'm finding it hard to cope right now. Thanks

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I too have graves disease and the only time that I start to feel fed up and low mood Is when my t4 starts to go lower . I have never been hypothyroid but once my t4 did go down to 11.4 ( 10-26) . On diagnosis my t4 was 86 and I definitely couldn't deal with anything back then as I was agitated , anxious and felt like everything was running at a million miles per hour. I feel better in myself when t4 is nearer top end of range but that's just me as I am guessing everyone is different . It would help if you put latest blood test results and their ranges on here as members will respond . I am currently on a very low dose of 5 mgs of carbimazole every other day but when I got diagnosed in May 2015 I was on 40 mg daily .


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