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Iodine & Hashi's

I asked about iodine (because of the hair analysis I did) before, but I read somewhere recently that if you have Hashi's extra iodine (other than taking NDT) can cause a 'flare'. I cant find the article again so dont know what a 'flare' would consist of.

I've ordered the bladderwrack (to get rid of the parasites I evidently have) but am really worried about taking it - I dont fancy having a 'flare', whatever that would be.

The Naturopath talked about the resonances with my hair (?) so it should be ok.

Anyone else used bladderwrack?

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A Hashi flare would be when lymphocytes infiltrate the thyroid causing inflammation and cell destruction. As the cells die off they dump hormone into the blood stream which can make you feel hyper. A Hashi flare can make you feel fluey and the thyroid tender and painful.

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Thanks Clutter. I've read all the links and am beginning to think that the Bladderwrack is really a bad idea. If flares are going to increase antibodies then I really dont need that, apart from how it makes you feel.


Iodine will stimulate the thyroid to make more hormone. Increased thyroid activity will increase antibody activity. Hence the flare. And, after the flare, you would become even more hypo, because there would be less gland to make hormone. So, no, it's not a good idea. :)


Thank you greygoose - very succinct


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