My thyroid nightmare !

Hi all I am 28yr old male and my health has plummeted downhill over the last year, I have become so tired and unable to even get up at all some days, have all the usual under active symptoms such as gained a ton of weight, feel really down and lost my drive to want to do anything, I overheat and sweat like mad, get anxiety issues and have very dry flaky scalp, with a few trips to the docs it's become clear this isn't going to be easy as I suffer with seizures related to needles or medical treatment so a standard blood test just isn't an option for me, docs basically have said they can't help, but I have read about some saliva and urine tests which they never mentioned and I have also just ordered a thriva home test kit as she said she will look at it but didn't think she could prescribe on that basis alone, even the finger prick home test is very difficult for me, but I will make myself do it, I'm getting desperate now as it's affecting my work my income and my relationship, does anyone know anything that may help or any ideas please ?

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  • Have you had prolactin & testosterone levels checked?

    Try doing the Barnes basal body temperature test, & take your temperature on waking. If it's consistently low, it could be your thyroid, or pituitary causing secondary hypothyroidism.

  • Don't assume that it's your thyroid causing your problems. There can be many causes of thyroid like symptoms but you can get help. I've sent you a private message. Jane x

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