A question to anyone with hypothyroidism regarding goitregenic foods

Can anyone explain to me what happens if they consume raw or too many goitregenic foods in terms of symptoms/bad reactions to them? Do you instantly feel unwell once you've consumed these foods? Or is it a delayed reaction? Obviously I know it's an individual thing, I presume some people can tolerate larger amounts of these foods than others. Are there any foods in particular from this group which are more problematic than others? This question is completely just out of my own curiosity, I'm just interested to know more about it that's all. If anyone could share their experiences or knowledge on this it would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks everyone. (Apologies if I've spelt goitregenic incorrectly)

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  • Hi Christina, I thought you might like to read a post that I wrote on this subject three years ago.

    I should add to that, that I was very sick at the time - had been even sicker, and I hadn't at all got my dose and type of thyroid hormone replacement sorted. Also, my knowledge of goitrogens was rather limited at that point. Since then, I have found out that goitrogens will only ever affect you if you rely on your thyroid gland for some of your hormone - and at that time, I had stopped all hormone for several months (don't ask!).

    Goitrogens impede the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland, so, obviously, if you're taking a full replacement dose of hormone, it doesn't matter how much iodine gets into the gland.

    And, something I forgot to mention at the time, the exception to that rule is unfermented soy. Because soy doesn't just affect the thyroid gland, it also works at a cellular level, impeding the uptake of the hormone by the cells. So, to be avoided at all costs.

    Then, a few days ago, helvella came up with this :


    The first few paragraphs are about goitrogens. And, rather surprising! lol

    Oh, and to answer your other question, how long does it take to feel unwell? I can only say : depends! Hope that helps. :)

  • Wow! Fantastic information, thank you so much for kindly explaining this. (I've just read the article from the link you sent me), thank you. Also I've just tried to have a look at your post, but for whatever reason I can't scroll further back than 2 years. It may be because I'm on my phone and not the laptop, I will try again from my laptop later. Thank you for your kind reply, it's made it a bit easier for me to understand now 😊

  • Oh dear! lol I forgot to put the link for my post!!! And now I've deleted the page!

    Sorry, I'll have a look for it, tomorrow - if I don't, remind me! It's just too stupid of me!

  • There! Found it more easily, this time!


  • Brilliant 👍 its very informative, thanks again 😊

  • You're welcome. :)

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