Is this all thyroid??

Hi all my 13 year old has been diagnosed with hypothyroid and is on Levi 25mg one day 50mg the next her last 2 lots of bloods have come back as thyroid normal. I am having trouble getting her out of bed as she is always exhausted and sleeping and she is swelling up on neck hands knees and now her arms have started swelling as well her face goes flushed like she's wearing a mask but white around her eyes and mouth as if she's got a temperature. But she hasn't all tests are coming back normal am at wits end can anyone shed any light for me thanks

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  • Mrsbodge1,

    It sounds as if your daughter may be under medicated. Normal thyroid range is very broad but to feel well your daughter will need her TSH level around 1.0 rather than higher. Ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your daughter's recent thyroid results and ranges (ranges are the figures in brackets after results).

  • Thanks for the response have managed to get hold of herconsultant and got to take her hospital tomorrow so fingers crossed.

  • Mrsbodge1,

    Get into the habit of asking for blood test results and ranges after every blood test. It will help you monitor your daughter's progress ie you'll see at what levels and dose she feels well/unwell.

    I hope all goes well tomorrow.

  • Many GP's think that if your results are in the range you are fine. It's where in the range that matters and usually that's low for TSH and height for FT4 and FT3 so always ask from a printout of the results with the ranges and post both for comments. The ranges are important as they differ from lab to lab.

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