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Benefit problems

I'm 63 - i was on ESA for three years following a forced move due to bedroom tax. I then had an assessment and got a nil score. DWP phoned, but I had come down with shingles so a further assessment was required and I still had a nil score so am now on JSA. Since being diagnosed with hypothyroid disease could u claim ESA again? It would certainly help with stress levels. :(

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Hello Lrhsal,,,,JSA,job seekers allowance,,is for 'making' you get back into work and they constantly pressure you into looking for work/and going for jobs,,,is this something you are able to do??,,,then you need to reclaim for esa,,and give all the relevant facts of your conditions,,,,there is a benefit support person on HU, who could give you advice and help you,,,esa, is either work related or support,,,,,or if all else fails and you are so unwell,,get the gp to supply you with sick note, which will take off the jsa and could well put you back on esa,,,but that needs to be full checked,,as I am on esa/wrac part,,,,,good luck in your quest,,,ttfn from karen.


Hi Lrhsal, as well as getting a GP note and preferably a letter explaining your condition and how it affects your daily life there is an excellent website called benefits and Work which will take you buy the hand, educate and guide you through completion of forms and how the unfair system works etc. It is run by Barristers who are well informed about the Law and your rights. It costs about £20 per annum but is money well spent. Best of luck.


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