Free live webinar on abnormal TFTs

Pulse Learning has just sent me an email to say there will be a webinar about TFTs on Fri Mar 17th at 1.30pm.

Could be interesting to hear what doctors are being told about " hyper- and hypothyroidism, including advice on treatment, subclinical forms of the condition, and management in pregnancy"

This is the registration link - (hope it works)

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  • Hi rosetrees,

    thank you for posting.

    I tried to register but was not sure what to put in for job title so left it blank, but it ask for it again.

    Do you have to be a professional to register?

  • I don't know. I put "office manager"!

  • O.K. thanks, I use to be an administrator for the NHS years ago so I will put that.

  • I put company secretary

  • Don't forget 'self-employed researcher'.

  • Thanks for posting rosetrees , I put retire and it was accepted.

  • Hi Rosetrees,

    Thanks for posting.

    I just received this invitation from Pulse into my inbox but it says 12.30. Unfortunately, I have a commitment on Friday lunchtime that I can't cancel. I am going to explore whether there will be access to what went on in this WEBINAR after the event.

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