Hi all, I had been on ESA for about 3 years down to Anxiety/depression. Then I was assessed and deemed fit for work. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after asking to go back on hrt as I was permanently exhausted. I am now being treated for this and have also had B12 injections. Would I be able to go back on esA because of this? Being on JSA and doing job searches us making me feel so depressed. I am 63 this month :(

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  • It is down to ATOS that you have been put in the 'fit for work' group not your illness. There is nothing anyone can do is the bottom line and you will have to stick it out till you retire.

  • You will move to JSA. You will be expected to look for work and write down what you have done to find work - the rules are very strict, and you can easily lose benefits if you get one single thing wrong. No allowances are made for illness. The only way round this is to go to the GP and try and get a "fit note" stating you are not fit for work. If they GP agrees you are not fit, he/she will sign you off for a number of weeks, and the JSA will accept this.

    When you first sign on to JSA they will push you into what sort of work you can do, so be careful and tell the truth - if you cannot lift 20kg, tell them. You should be able to look for work that you can do, not look for jobs that you know you could not do. It is tough out there now! Good luck and look after yourself.

  • Thank you. I've been round that block already. It's horrible, I should have retired at 60. Plod on I suppose.

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