Hypothyroidism & exercise

Does anyone who has Hypothyroidism/Hashi's go swimming? I used to be quite sporty before I was diagnosed but wondered if swimming would be a safe exercise to do? As it would seem like most exercise things that I used to enjoy now cause me a lot of pain and as I used to swim wondered if that would be ok to do? Or would I suffer hypothermia due to the cold water! Lol!

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  • Hi there,I have been very keen about swimming as a good exercise for hypothyroidism.

    I attended a water aerobics class for over twenty years,which as I had gained a lot of weight was something I was able to do because the water supports you.

    Yes,I would recommend it.....the only downside is the chlorine in the water,so showering is essential.

  • Oh thats great! I might just have yo do that then, good excuse to go swimsuit shopping!

  • Yes....go for it.A forty minute nonstop session to music was exhilarating and is something I must get back to myself.

  • Oh am really excited now! Thank you so much! x

  • One word of advice if you join a weekly exercise class...don't spend a fortune on the swimsuit ......they only last a limited time in chlorinated water!! Good excuse to build a small collection though 😄

  • I think you'd enjoy it. The sea might be cold but swimming baths are usually heated :) We can exercise to 'tolerance' so see how it goes with you. You might have to increase dose slightly if next day you feel a bit symptomatic due to the fact that if we exercise and not on an optimum it can reduce our T3 slightly. You can start for a certain time then gradually increase as you feel more energetic.

  • I'm hypo and until other problems it was my main passion , I did a lot of open water swimming and a 7 km swim down a river in Devon last year . No problems with the cold , but I do have a little of my own extra insulation!


  • I find swimming beneficial and relaxing .. Most swimming pools a lot warmer than used to be . still nasty coming out though. Go and build your swimsuit collection, Sports World do an impressive selection at reasonable prices. Good luck, have fun!!!

  • Exercise uses up precious T3 and if you don't convert well it will make it worse.

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