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Changed from 1x100mcg to 2x50mcg levo and it's working!!!

I went to see my GP on Wednesday as I've been getting all my symptoms back recently. While trying to determine the date I mentioned it started about a month after I started taking 100mcg tablets, having previously been taking 2x50mcg (I'd been on 75mcg so when I moved up to 100mcg I initially made it up of 1x50 plus 2x25, then when I'd finished all my 25s I took 2x50)

At the mention of this he suggested reverting to 2x50mcg tablets. I must admit I was rather cynical it would make any difference, despite seeing it mentioned on here a few days ago, but knock me down with a feather it's working. By the end of the first day the itching of the skin on my forehead and in my ears had almost stopped, by the second my digestion was improving, by the third the insomnia was going, as was the pain in my muscles and tendons. On Tuesday a two mile walk knocked me out for the rest of the day, on Friday I managed two four mile walks, and although I was sore by the end I wasn't in pain or limping. I even managed to walk down the stairs forwards, like a normal person, instead of sideways like a crab. I've not been able to go for a run for over a month, but I can see it won't be long before I'm back out there, assuming I continue to improve at this rate. I really hope I'm not jumping the gun and this isn't just a temporary reprieve.

The tablets are the same brand as the 100mcg so it's not due to an allergy to them.

Obviously I'm not complaining - I'm over the moon - but I am curious. How and why would changing to 2x50mcg tablets work when 1x100 didn't?

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Achilles_Pain How strange! But I'm glad it works for you. I just hope your GP doesn't insist on prescribing the 100mcg dose tablets as that would be cheaper.

Are you splitting the dose or taking the two 50s together?


SeasideSusie it was the GP's idea to change me to 2x50, not mine, I only mentioned the change in tablets it in order to determine the timescales involved from being ok to not, as I pointed out to him when he suggested it, asking if I thought that was the reason. If it works, as it seems to be doing given it's only day five and I already feel like a new man, I would hope the prescription will stay the same. The tablets may be more expensive but the cost to the NHS would be vastly lower as I won't be constantly going back for an appointment and getting blood tests, thus leaving more time for him to see other patients and the hospital more time for other tests. But I won't be cancelling next week's blood tests as it's been a while since my last and I'll be interested to see my other results (vitamins etc), assuming they get done. It's a pity I didn't have a blood test before I changed back to 2x50, so I could have compared and contrasted the difference.


Oh, and no, I take both tablets first thing. I considered splitting them between morning and night but decided against it as I'd be bound to forget.


Then you must keep everything as it is if you continue to do well. Levo is relatively cheap, just that 2 x 50 will cost a few pence (!) more than 1x 100. If your GP wants to change it back in the future then you'll have to remind him it was his idea and for whatever reason you doing better on it.

So pleased you've found something so simple that works better for you :)

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