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Bowel prolapse again..two,years after keyhole repair

Prolapse bowel again two years after keyhole repair...I am exhausted needing the loo several,times a day, suffer chronic constipation.. take prescriptions , fruit plenty of water etc. MY bowel feels like it never clears properly and I have to manually push bowel back in, great discomfort not really painful..I am 81 year old lady, manage to go,out and walk well, it can't go to far etc. I am in mquite good health except for hypothyroid and gall bladder stones, blood pressure good and depressed at all..should I be brave and have a further op?

Last time after my leg swelled for the first time, it was not a clot and went down but I then needed a hernia repair on the porthole where the keyhole went I don't know what I should be thinking of my mum lived to 96 and dad till 86 and we're both reasonably healthy, though there is cancer on both sides of the family

Any comments that I could think about..thank you 😊 HAther

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Chronic constipation is one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, what are your thyroud hormone levels looking like? Do you have your last test results?


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Hi thanks for replying..this was diagnosed in August, sister has had it a. Long time and I have the symptoms fir mant years..two blood tests 6 weeks apart another one due in two or three months .first said TSH 3.94. T4 13.9

Second test she said was normal I think..would not give me a print out..said there was really nothing to print...on Levothyroxine 20 mc at about 5 am...also take Omaprazole before lunch, Simvastati. At night...My worry is after all this reoccurring problem the sphincter has suffered and although I am lucky not to leak at all so far, this is a very worrying potential problem..maybe more so because I feel,healthy and accept my limitations, it not going out for two long etc...when my consultant said as gallstones in my gall bladder were not causing too much trouble and my decision not to have that op..he wrote to my dr. Saying I had IBS and might need further advice on my bowel problems again. I am a cheerful person, there are many many worse than me and I am grateful , but secretly I do worry a bit about it... I sleep very well and although I don't feel at all tired when I settle down late after noon or evening watching tv, I go into very very deep short sleeps and fight to wake up ..

THanks for reply, I appreciate it

HAther 😊

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Your thyroid meds, even without the ranges looks like you would benefit from slightly more and could make the other two drugs unnecessary. Your doctor can't keep your results from you unless she thinks it would distress you but thyroid results are either the same which wouldn't send you spiraling down hill or better or worse in which case you need your meds adjusting. Have you a family member you can ask the doctor or may be ask a different doctor in the surgery?


I was told a teaspoon of coconut oil last thing at night should help you go in the morning. Somebody on here a while ago puts some in her milky coffee I tried it with coconut milk as I'm dairy and some nut intolerant and it is nice

Good luck


What about flaxseed oil. I was told to take a teaspoon and built it up to a tablespoon per day. It is so revolting and reminds me of school days when they used to oil the cricket bats. Anyway, I bought some cold pressed capsules from Amazon, they are the hugest things I have ever swallowed but they seem to go down quite easily. Unfortunately they have the opposite effect of constipation so I am having to cut them back maybe one a day or two every other day. Coconut oil is supposed to be very good for thyroid I understand.


Eating the soft dried apricots can help with constipation, I put mine on my breakfast cereal.

I have a friend waiting for a bowel repair too, she is in a lot of pain. I wish you well.


I'm not sure if it's good for thyroid but my reiki lady said her dad takes a teaspoon every night and it has sorted out his constipation.


Get yourself some natural dessicated thyroid (NDT) and just increase your dose slowly until you feel well. I think your doctor has been negligent in not giving you results and has no idea about thyroid and treatment.


The point is mistydog, yes I do have some symptoms, which is possibility related if I've had this for years, unknowlingly, reflux chronic constipation prolapse bowel causing this..I don't feel unwell, when I read others problems I feel I should not complain's all a bit bewildering in fact I feel at 81 I am grateful for being able to walk,out to town every day and back up hill no,problem...My biggest problem is that I know I need another Bowel prolapse repair and this is what hinders my daily choices but wonder if hypo makes an op more risky.. I do have reflux and can't eat a lot, but maybe age weight is steady at just under 9 stone. I hope you are not too bad yourself

I really don't u derstand a,, the ins and outs of the extra things people research and take, all that's a bit beyond me..When I go for another blood test in a few weeks, I will post results and again ask for a print out.. one thing I do understand is Drs according to these posts seems to "within the normal range"

Is a good result, but what I read on here I should not accept that if it does turn out to be what they say to me ??

THanks for replying 😊 HAther


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