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Do we need more thyroid replacement when ill/run down?

Hi, a quick question..when we are ill with colds etc.. do our bodies require more thyroid replacement? Just wondering as I've had a crappy week. First I had a bad cold, I then got pericoronitis in my wisdom tooth so was put on antibiotics but on 2nd day of taking them I came down with norovirus so am now on 2nd course of antibiotics due to 'losing' some of first course. This is all in space of a week and a half! I have been feeling really happy last few weeks, more than I have in last year or 2. But although I still feel ok, I can feel my mood starting to slip which I really don't want happening before christmas. I know that all the illness will take it's toll obviously, as it would with anyone, but I'm just considering tweaking my dose up a tiny bit for a few days..would this be helpful or detrimental do you think?

Thanks in advance!

Nat x

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I just mean for a few days while I'm not very well. My bloods are all good and I have been feeling well but having a cold, sickness and tooth infection one after another has been a bit much. Was just thinking of increasing by 1/4 grain for a few days.


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