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My wee girl❤️

Hi all so off to see the endo again tomorrow with my girl,she was 13 yesterday and spent the day lying on top of her bed feeling ill such a different girl to this time last year,used to be so athletic,that's all she does these days lie on her bed in a dark room now she's saying the light is bothering her eyes,anyways if I don't get anywhere this time in respect of her being medicated I've decided I'm going to make an appointment with a private doc as I feel I am watching my daughter slowly die in front of me,can't believe a child in this country can be so ill for 8 months and there is no available treatment , it's disgraceful I'm so angry people don't realise how debilitating thyroid disease is any advice on how I should approach endo would be greatly appreciated as I'm not so clued up as all you cheers wish me luck xxx

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I understand despite your daughter's high antibodies she remains unmedicated.

email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article. Highlight where he says that if antibodies are present we should be prescribed levothyroxine. He was president of the British Thyroid Association.

I feel for your child as I know what it's like to be undiagnosed/unmedicated.


Thanks I will do that right now x


Make sure your doctors is aware that children have different ranges to us grown ups. They are still growing so need extra help to carry that out.


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