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Pain in back of neck six weeks post partial thyroidectomy

Hi all here I am turning to you all again for advice. I had surgery on 5th October and about three weeks ago started getting a burning pain at back of neck at Base of my skull with my head being tender sometimes a lot worse than others when I saw my gp a couple of weeks ago he said he thought it was probably stress but didn't actually touch my neck or head has anyone else experienced this. thank you in advance

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I'm sorry to know you have pain in neck. I cannot help and someone whose had a similar op will respond.

It's bad enough having an operation without having symptoms afterwards and you don't know if they're connected to it or not.


Thank you


Hi Maz1964,

Yes, yes, yes! Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My head was tender to the touch. I had this on a few occasions before my total thyroidectomy but never realised that it was related to my thyroid until now. I am now 5 weeks post surgery and was on 150mcg Levothyroxine. As my head was so tender and my knees were aching, I went for a blood test and discovered that I was slightly being over medicated. I decided to reduce the dosage of my Levothyroxine to 125mcg and within days my head was no longer tender and my knees stopped aching. How much medication have they put you on and how much? Hope your scar is looking alright.

Good luck



I had this too when over medicated.


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