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Exercise for Hypos

I've read lots on here about people struggling to do any exercise as well as how high intensity and aerobic exercise can exacerbate Hypothyroid conditions.

So I wanted to let people know of a very good form of exercise that you may not have heard of - Gyrotonic.

Now I don't intend this as a plug because I teach Gyrotonic but I doubt there are likely to many of you near me and I only teach in Birmingham. Rather you may be able to find someone near you - if you are in London no problem but there are not that many qualified teachers outside London.

Gyrotonic is a mix of different forms of exercise that was devised by a former dancer and can be described as a little like yoga on a machine, but the main point is that it is very focussed on breathing, flexibility and inner strength. Anyone can do it as it is very adaptable and teachers will adapt to your needs, there is also a floor version called Gyrokinesis.

One of my friends who teaches suffers from ME and found it helped her so much with energy levels and strength that she trained as a teacher. It can be a wonderfully gentle way to energise your body without pushing it to extremes. It can be expensive on a 1-1 basis but no more than other private training and floor/mat classes are cheaper.

You can find teachers near you on the main website

Just thought I'd mention it in case it helps anyone.

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Hi I try to do Qigong most days it's can be very helpful for starters to exercise. It can be found online on Youtube. There are various types on there starting with very easy for a 10 minute lesson.


I think one of the problems is that there is such a wide variation of ages on here.

There are people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s on here and all with varying levels of fitness and health issues.

So complicated - likely to be a trial and error approach to what suits people!!

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Yes it is about finding what suits you but if anyone us able to get Gyrotonic it really can be done by any age or fitness, I've known an 80yr old man do it but Andy Murray also does it!


Oh dear sorry about typos & missing words - using my phone!


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