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Endo today

Hi All,

Just thought I would let you know I saw my Endo this morning who as I thought would has upped my levo to 125mg. I'm back to see her end of January or before if I don't feel much better. She indicated that she thinks I'm going to do well on this level of levo and she even thinks I can start loosing some weight in around six weeks time.....meaning I'm probably going to go a bit wild over Xmas.... she's also prescribed me more iron supplements.

My husband was with me this time which was much better as his level of French is far greater than mine. I'm feeling positive and quite excited for this next dose as the difference from 75mg to 100mg in how I felt was huge. Fingers crossed for another massive leap to wellbeing.

Thank you all once again for helping me. I cannot explain how important your help and advice are to me.

Thank you.


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That's very good news and encouraging that the Endo seems positive and has increased your dose of levo.

At least it has given you confidence and wish you well in as short a time as possible :)


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