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anyone living near Newbury and hypothyroid want to go to slimming world with me


Because i'm overweight due to low thyroid i am not sure if the Slimming World class will understand that my weight loss will not be as fast as people who have normal metabolisms so i'm reluctant to go .

So i'm looking for someone who is also hypothyroid that might like to go with me .

We can support each other in our journey to loose weight

I really want to go its once a week on a Wednesday but going it alone is a bit scary Anyone interested in going with me .Kate

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If there's no one near you, just go along on your own. All the members there are or have been overweight.

I hope the Leader is aware that hypothyroidism lowers metabolism thus weight gain. You should aim to have your TSH around 1 which might make it easier to lose weight gradually.

I wish you success.

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Thanks Shaws


Please dont be scared i go to slimming world i am Hypo and they are very understanding, i also managed to loose over half a stone.

Dotti xx


Go for it : ).... I go to my local group alone and the consultant and the girls are great.. ull never be told off for a gain or a small weight loss .... is a lifestyle change not a diet so the length of time it takes dsnt matter :) ... just take it week by week and stayfor group as it realli does help :) ... good luck xx


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