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endo appointment

14th feb next year

not being seen by the idot who told me to stop thyroid meds so guess he up and left but being seen by someone else

ill get bloods done and ill tell him how ive been treating my high cortisol (that was total rubbish and a waste of money) and how ive been treating my thyroid

and if he dont like it then well he can simply kiss my ***

im sick and tired of being ill now its time i stood up for myself and gave them what for

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first YOU need to stand/stick up for yourself , state all the facts - including all treatments that you have ACTUALLY been taking AND WHY - AND PRODUCE ANY RELEVANT INFORMATION to hand to prove your case [ most can be gained from tuk , as we know ] .... make sure that about a week before your appt. you have all the relevant test results [ t3/t4/tsh/ferretin /folate /vitd3 at the very least -- all done from 1 blood draw -- ] ...... with all that info I guarantee whoever you see will know that they cannot bu++s++t you as so many do ........ after all your only trying to help them to help you to help them for their future !!!!!!


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