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thyroid desease

Hi folks! Few years ago i have been treated on my thyroid -hyper one. i had regular check ups and scan done as well. this all was happening back in my country.afterwards i stopped with pills as docotor decided my thyroid was in norm. As i moved to uk my thyroid has been never checked. i went to gp feelimg tired dizzy constantly something.... they have done my blood test and said my thyroid is hyper but i dont need medicine. during my holiday in cyprus i really didnt feel well so i went to doctor there where i v done blood test again and scan of my thyroid. for all these i paid as it was of couse private. i came back to uk with my results. I really would like to my thyroid to be check now on more often but my gp is saying its not necesary. Does here exist any specialist?endokrinologist as we have back home? or just gp can check that?any advices?

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If you post your recent results with the ranges (figures in brackets after the results) members will advise whether you are hyper.

There are endocrinologists you can consult privately but some will require a letter of referral from your GP or a private GP.

Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists and private GPs.


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