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Self-treated... (HealthLocked!)

Hi there! As I have no access to medical advise until next Tuesday (a phone consultation), I tried to medicate myself.

My eldest son has severe asthma and he had left Prednisolon 20 mg tablets home. So I took a quarter of a tablet this morning, but I cannot tell anything yet. I thought that if my adrenals are exhausted, maybe I should feed them...

-I know this is not the right thing to do, as I may cause more harm than benefit to my health. I was wise not to take the whole tablet at once, though.

-> I had a difficult night with lower back pain, pain in my left arm and lots of sweating. Yesterday evening I had a typical adreline/cortisol rush after 7 p.m. when I felt so much better. I have learned that these "attacks" are followed by a lousy night and more fatigue the following day. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

-I read about enemas yesterday and Dr. Wilson recommends coffee enemas which I am willing to try today. I have done enemas with water before. They are helpful in getting the toxic matter out of your system. Dr Wilson claims that coffee enemas help the liver in its job and energize you (for a while?). He does not recommend coffee used the normal way because it will stress the adrenals further. I am not able to start my mornings without a cup of coffee, because I have to get up earlier than is good for me (7 a.m.). So I am an addict!

-Being very sensitive to extremeties (cold/warm), I am willing to try cold water swimming (ice hole swimming during the winter). The first time is the worst! I will let u know what happens with coffee enemas/swimming!

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Medicating (your son's) prednisone may make the pituitary gland sense there is cortisol present and therefore produce even less ACTH (which encourages cortisol secretion). Your previous post indicates cortisol level within range. If this was blood serum taken at 8.20 am, this is a good time for blood to be drawn and would means your adrenals are responding to the pituitary demands. Unless you have a cortisol deficiency and an adequate supply to medicate prednisolone for an elected duration, it is unwise to play with these meds.

Other effective adrenal support can be found in adrenal glandulars, and adaptogens are great for levelling cortisols levels. Members use a saliva tests that show the imbalances in the daily circadian pattern so enabling use of correcting supplements to aid your adrenal health. Yours is obviously very high in the evenings.

Low blood sugar//blood glucose issues are common with compromised adrenals which release stress hormones to signal the liver to break down proteins// fats for energy (this causes a lot of bodily stress and inflammation) by stimulating the use of glycogen (stored sugar in the liver), which when depleted, signals the body to completely slow down (fatigue and exhaustion). This effects good thyroid function as inhibits secretion, conversion, usage and excretion of thyroid hormones, and encourages our cells to desensitise to glucose meaning possible future insulin intolerance//diabetes..

Also continually elevated cortisol levels can impair the HPT axis by suppressing pituitary function so not signalling the release of enough thyroid hormone.

I investigated coffee enemas for liver congestion and there is a Facebook page with every detail available. An alternative is to supplement milk thistle and any good antioxidants, together with a healthy diet. Consuming (as in drinking) too much coffee will stress adrenals glands further.

Low thyroid hormone induces a low metabolism and coldness. I can't think of anything worse than cold water swimming, which will stress your poor adrenals glands further.

If you have been struggling with these problems since the birth of your child 13 years ago, have you had sex hormones investigated ? ? . An imbalance can cause available thyroid hormone not to work as it should. It is unwise to have stopped taking the HRT without testing hormones first as you may still be needing it. (Supplementing progesterone with Oestrogen stops imbalance and gives a bleed eliminating possible risks).

You expressed a desire to medicate T3 and although you don't supply ranges, your TSH looks low for someone not medicating but T3 levels looks adequate. It would be unwise to self medicate T3 at this point in time. Your ferritin is much too low and should be supplemented with Vit C to aid absorption. Vit C will also help your adrenals and I supplement 3 - 4 mg a day taken in mixed ascorbate acid.

Have you had Vit B12, folate and Vit D tested ? ?


Saliva Stress Test (test ref END01)


Four saliva tests that measure the available "active" cortisol (& DHEA) secreted at set times over a 24 hours period. Unfortunately this test is not generally used or recognised by GP's.

The cost is £77.00 which is a discounted price for THyroidUK when code A42AQ is used.



Thyroid, Adrenal and all sex hormones Connection



Thank you, rad! Yes I know I was "playing" dangerously with my son´s meds. I just wanted to see, if cortisone made any difference. Actually it did: usually by 12 a.m. I am very tired, but now I am here sitting and writing (12:44). Feel a bit tired, but not brain fogged. If I was brain fogged I possibly couldn´t find any foreign words so writing in English would have been impossible.

I wanted to test the med just because my symptoms are almost all similar to adrenal exhaustion symptoms despite of the normal cortisol reading. And yes, I started HRT again, without the measurement of sex hormones. I cannot afford testing privately now and I want to hear (my?) doctor´s opinion on Tuesday. B 12 was said to be low.

I have tried ice water swimming when I was young and healthy. I want to try and see how it makes me feel now. I want to do sthing outdoors because I cannot exercise with my friends at the gym or go running. Plain walking would be okay, but it is not fun alone! I promised myself not to force myself to do things I do not really enjoy. I have been pressing myself too much in addition to the demands of my family. As for coffee enemas, I did not prepare one yet (have to buy suitable coffee 1st!!!).



When I couldn't exercise too much, I practised yoga and pilates. These I have continued, together now with walking. I agree fresh air is very healing.

Coffee must be organic.

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