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Partial or total thyroidectomy?!

Hi there all. I've have been told I have 3 nodules on my thyroid, 2 on the right lobe both approx 1 cm, and one on my left lobe, approx 4 mm. I've had a FNA on the largest one which has given an equivocal result and was therefore inconclusive so my endocrinologist has recommended I have at least a partial thyroidectomy (right lobe), however my surgeon has given me the option of a full thyroidectomy. He has said that there is no right or wrong answer and that it is my choice. I also have tested positive for thyroid antibodies for the last 2 years on several tests and have a strong family history of thyroid issues. Has anyone had a partial thyroidectomy that has then had to go on to have the other half out at a later date? I'm just trying to work out the pros and cons of both. Thanks in advance x

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Do you take medication for your thyroid? If not, then what's the rush?



I had a hemilobectomy to remove a large nodule compressing my trachea. FNA was inconclusive but histopathology showed Hurthle cell carcinoma, an aggressive type, so I had completion thyroidectomy 3 months later. The cancer hadn't spread to the other lobe.

Because very little thyroid remnant remained I was lucky that Hashimoto's, which had been very troublesome, resolved.


Hi Louise

What happens about your parathyroid glands with a thyroidectomy. Don't they control your calcium levels ? Do you have to some how manage calcium now.




Most hemilobectomies and thyroidectomies are performed without damaging or losing parathyroid glands. If all 4 parathyroid glands are damaged or lost then lifelong calcium and vitamin D supplementation will be required.


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