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after weaning off prescription drugs for adrenal fatigue

I have been wondering a lot about adrenal fatigue lately.

Being the patient of a Hertoghe doctor, I told myself for a long time that I could not do better, and that I had to do whatever the doctor told me to. However, lately, I have come to question some of those things.

It seems that most if not all Hertoghe doctors, once they've diagnosed you with adrenal fatigue, put you on prescription drugs (either hydrocortisone or Medrol) for life. However, as far as I've been able to ascertain, adrenal fatigue is very different from adrenal insufficiency, and is in principle curable. There seems to be literally hundreds of methods and products to treat adrenal fatigue, which just adds to the confusion.

I managed to wean off Medrol earlier this year, after being on it for four years, and I am currently looking into ways of supporting my adrenals so that I won't have to go back on it, ever. The other day, I had some kind of allergic reaction to something, causing terrible itching, and I took one pill of Medrol out of sheer desperation...and God, what a rush of energy I felt. I could easily go back on it, but I'd prefer not to...but, the fact that I felt good after taking it means I probably need something to support my adrenal glands.

I have been reading a lot about licorice root and how beneficial it is for this condition. There are a lot of products containing licorice; some with consistently good reviews are Adrecor, Adrenaplex and AdrenAll. Has anyone tried any of these, or could you recommend other products that have worked well for you (with or without licorice)?

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Licorice can raise yr Blood pressure so not suitable fr anyone with high BP. Adrenal cortex extract is recommended for moderate adrenal fatigue. You might want to take an adrenal saliva test to check what yr adrenals are doing before taking any supplements. You can then post yr results on the forum and ask fr advice.


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