Best T3 brands?

Hello all,

I was wondering if people could tell me what T3 brands they have tried, and which ones they felt were the best/strongest?

And, if you buy yours from overseas and have found a good supplier I would be extremely grateful if you could pm me the details of where to get them and the price if you know it.

I have tried the UK's Mercury Pharma and found it did not work well for me, and I have tried Uni-Pharma from Cyprus and found that to be better.

Thanks for reading :)

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  • I order mine from a Mexican pharmacy. The dosage is 25mcg. They work well for me. It is up to you to find what works for you.

  • Thanks Crone, do you know what brand they are?

  • Just says Cytomel on the bottle.

  • Mexican pharmacies are selling only Triyotex which comes in 75 mcg capsules and Turkish Tiromel 25 mcg which they advertise as "Cytomel" or "Cynomel" and nothing else.

  • Thanks for the reply Pink Rabbit, have you tried these brands? I was under the impression that Tiromel, Cytomel, and Cynomel were different brands, made by different companies.

  • I just tried to point out that Mexican pharmacies aren't selling Cytomel as somebody mentioned. Mexican Cynomel is not produced since the end of 2014, Cytomel is produced by Pfizer and very expensive, Tiromel is Turkish and Triyotex is low quality Mexican T3 that comes in 75 mcg capsules but many people say its actually much weaker.

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