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Hyper again


Recently rediagnozed last time 6 years ago been quite unwell for 6 months and the dr was rubbish kept saying it was the menopause. My t4 levels are at 75 very high and I'm seeing the endo this week been given carbimazole and beta blockers.

I'm really fed up and don't know what to do as I don't want to go hypo with the suggested treatments please help

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I'm sorry your hyper has returned. I am not able to advise as I am hypo and hope members who've had to have treatment for hyperthyroidism will respond with helpful advice.

However, whatever is suggested by Endo ask what you will be prescribed if you have to have an operation. The very least you should be offered is T4 with T3. T3 being the active hormone needed in all our receptor cells.

How awful for you Kathy. I don't if you use this website but I hope there is something here that may help. Have you tried selenium supplements and also going gluten free? I'm sorry you didn't continue remission and I'm not sure if you can achieve it again but I hope so.



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