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Need all your help

Can anyone tell me specifically what test I need to ask the Dr to do on my niece. She is undiagnosed and her health is fading fast. I'm 95% sure she has a endocrine issue so I need to be prepared when I talk to the Dr and that includes knowing exactly what tests a 14 year old girl should take to to rule out or in thyroid related issues. Anything you can think of would greatly be be appreciated. Thankyou.... please be very specific&'

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I can suggest a list of Thyroid tests - but doubt your GP will do them. This is based on the numerous posts I read here. Could you have them done Privately - that way you can be sure the CORRECT ones will be done.

Number 11 is the one most used on this forum. Hope that has been specific :-)


Is there a family history and what are her symptoms?


thyroid antibodies


free T4

free T3




vit d3

all are vital and interconnected


I agree with Marz, get your first test done privately, (Use True Health Labs if you are in US). This will be fast and accurate. It will save you months of messing around with a GP who will first do a TSH test, will probably not know what to do with it and your niece will still be suffering while he looks it up (if you are lucky). Shortly thereafter do the ferritin, folate, b12 an vitd3 as RFedU123 suggests. Post all of your results here so that we can give you our opinions.

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