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How quickly can symptoms arise after a missed dose of Levothyroxine?

Hi everyone, I have missed a few doses over the last couple of months and the next day I am always so tired I fall asleep at my desk at work and am just wiped out. The tiredness seems to carry on for a few days after this. However, considering that it took 6 weeks after taking the dosage before I felt much better, I just can't see the symptoms on-setting so quickly!!! I know everyone is different but has anyone experienced symptoms of a missed dose so quickly or do you think it is all just a coincidence?

Many Thanks in advance if you take the time to read and / or comment xxx

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It appears you are very sensitive to a missed dose so you need to be careful to take your Levothyroxine daily. Perhaps you could buy a pillcase and keep some Levothyroxine in your handbag so that if you've forgotten to take your dose before leave home you can take it when you remember at work.


Hi rosiyposy84 when I took thyroxine in three years I missed about 5 or 6 dosses and I knew about 6 or 7 days later I would get the most severe restless leg and be so exhausted for about two weeks. I always tried really hard not to miss it. Do you have a pill box. Keep it at the side of your bed and take some water up to bed and take as soon as you wake up. Or if that doesn't work for you do you make a drink when you get up keep them in the kitchen by the tap. Alternatively keep some in your bag or car. X


Depending what you are taking it varies if you are on levo it can take 7 weeks

before you truly crash.


My son & I both know within about 8 hours if we miss a dose but the doctors won't believe it.


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