The side effects survival guide

I came across this link to a highly recommended book on how to alleviate the side effects of antidepressants, antianxiety, and other drugs.

The entire book is available here, you usually have to purchase it.

Just thought I would share it with the group.


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  • Dante,

    It looks good. .. " Finally, a doctor who refuses to trade a patient's total well-being for the treatment of depression" .... only trouble is, I can't download it.

    Message says " No ebook available " ! ! ..... :o(((( ..... Good try.

  • It must be a UK thing. LOL I can click on the Link and go right to it.


    Did you see my labs? I posted them yesterday.

  • Dante,

    If you click on the reply button, the person will be notified. Otherwise your response may be missed.

    I have just answered re your labs.

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