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hi,i'm still having a rough time with this t3 it will be 5 weeks friday.i don't feel tired in my eyes its just my muscles.im up 50 mcg a day and even if i take a higher dose i don't think my body wants that much because its not getting to the cells.

i've been taking my temps bp and hr and high doses don't seem to affect them my temps lower than when i started so im not getting this,maybe i have to wait for the rt3 to clear,i was never this bad without any think i cant eve4n go the gym at the min cause i tire so fast.is this normal to feel this carp 5 weeks in on t3?

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  • Markgreenhill,

    I felt no improvement whatsoever after 8 weeks on T3 only. I sped up the process by coming off T3 too for 4 weeks. The T4 adverse effects started clearing at the end of the second week off T3 and had cleared by the end of the 3rd week off meds. I was very hypothyroid with TSH 107.5 as I don't have a thyroid but having cleared the build up I was able to begin my recovery on T4+T3.

    I may have saved myself a very hypo period if I'd been more patient. I've subsequently read that it may take up to 14 weeks to clear high rT3.

  • hi clutter,

    how did you speed up the process coming of t3?? wouldn't that be counterproductive? i don't get why i felt better on ndt rather than t3 tho i do think the this rt3 could be an issue tho cause of the response to the t3.

  • Markgreenhill,

    Coming off T3 (ie no thyroid meds) helped speed up the process of clearing a buildup of T4. It worked for me so it wasn't counter productive.

  • no i i didnt mean counter productive for you.i just thought that your thyroid would kick bk in and make t4 and start the process of again. t3 only is very hard, i think i know now if it wasn't for the fact i'm trying to clear rt3 i defiantly wouldn't be on it.

  • i'm gone order another brand today maybe this brand don't agree with me.

  • Markgreenhill,

    I hope the change of brand helps. It does seem as though some people do very well on Tiromel but not Uni-Pharma and vice versa.

  • Have you seen this website? thyroidrt3.com/

    It looks very amateurish, but still has some interesting info.

    And another website which may be of interest : rt3-adrenals.org/index.html

  • hi humanbean,

    yh i was reading that first link the other day there's a lot of info about it there thanks very much.

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