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Crocheting marathon conundrum

After yesterday's crocheting marathon, I'm asking for thought on this:-

I've noticed before that I get quite warm when knitting or crocheting - never thought any thing of it, just kept some talcum powder nearby for sweaty hands. I've not always known that I had a thyroid problem, nor monitored my temperature.

Even though my recent bloods indicated slight overmedication on 2.5 grainsThyroid S, my usual temperature ranges between 35.9 and 36.3. Yesterday my temp reached the giddy heights of 36.9!! I felt really well and rested. My hands got a bit achy, but my feet didn't hurt at all. Well they wouldn't, would they, I hear you say - you weren't standing on them! But, here's the thing. After I had finished and posted on here, I went to bed. Slept really well. But when I woke up I felt as if I had knee high ache boots on! My feet and lower legs ached and my heels were so painful I could hardly stand. My temperature just now is back down to 36.1. Any thoughts as to why this has happened? Any connection?

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Hi, hippocampal, thanks for the reply. Can you be more specific, please and what is the reasoning? x


How are your B12levels ?


I've managed to keep by B12 high (over 1000) for a while now. If I don't take my supplements for a few days, I quickly notice (whooshing sound in my ears). Recently, though, I've been taking Holland & Barrett and have noticed the same thing. I've binned those now and am back on Solgar. Magnesium, too, H&B - binned!!


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