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Dr Chapman or Dr Willis?

Hi, I am posting on behalf of my sister. I posted a couple of weeks ago on thyroid test results that she had done privately and now we have both been looking at the list of private doctors provided by Thyroid UK. My sister does have complex health problems. Type 1 diabetes which was diagnosed when she was in her teens and then in her late forties she started to have seizures (epilepsy). Also more recently fibromyalgia (but I think and the test results suggest it could be a thyroid problem).

It makes such a difference when you see the right person so if you could PM me with any thoughts/experiences etc.... that would be much appreciated

Dr Willis does mention diabetes as an area of interest and I have read reviews etc....equally Dr Chapman does mention fibromyalgia....

Thank you

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Hi MacG,

Feel free to repost if you haven't had feedback via private messages.


Thanks Clutter


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