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Overactive after having RAI 8 years ago, is it possible


Was diagnosed with Graves' disease in 2006, I was treated with carbimazole then in 2008 had RAI. My yearly TFTs have been within normal range, my dr has said. This past week or so I have had a sore throat and a painful neck where my thyroid is situated. Also I feel a bit shakey, jittery like I did when I was overactive, is it possible to become overactive after having RAI so long ago. Would appreciate your advice

Thank you

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I had two lots of RAI within 14 months of each other over 20 years ago. I was told for the next 15 that I was in'RANGE' which meant naff all to me. I was not medicated until 5 years ago and then kept on stupid 25 mcg thyroxine until I found this forum. During that time I had all your symptoms, the internal shakes felt like I was sitting in a car with the engine running!. I was desperately ill and getting worse. Still my yearly TSH was always in range so my thyroid was ignored. Clutter read my results and informed me I have Hashimotos. This information set me on the right track. I got my thyroxine upped went gluten/ free. Stopped drinking fluoridated water. I am feeling 80% better than I have done in all those years and the years before I was diagnosed hyperthyroid.

My B12 and Vit D levels are adequate now and this was something else I was unaware of. You definitely need to have your thyroid antibodies checked, these symptoms sound like Hashi's to me- you can swing between feeling hypo and hyper when getting a flare.My antibodies have lowered and I truly believe that is by cutting out the gluten and supplementing with Selerium.

Hope some of this helps x

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Thank you so much for your advice, I have learnt so much from your post. Will my GP test my thyroid antibodies, or will I have to ask. I can only find my results from 2014 and they were:

TSH 2.5

T4 17.7 GP said they are perfect. Can you tell me where I should start, at the moment I don't feel well at all. I'm seeing the health care ass on Friday for my TFTs and BP checking. Could you tell me what blood tests I need, also do the docs recommend ia gluten free diet. Hope you don't mind me asking you all these questions!!!!



No problem you asking. You will be better asking for the test, they will probably only do the TPO antibody test though and not the TgAb one.

Preferably get TSH/T4/T3/ Free T4/Free T3/ TPO/Reverse T3(they may not do the reverse T3 either? try for the other TgAb but don't be surprised if they say no. I hope you have an early morning blood test because it is recommended to have thyroid tested as early as possible. Also that you should fast ( water is okay). Are you on any thyroid meds now? if so take it after your blood test. Other tests that I was recommended to have are; Vitamin D/Vitamin B12/ Ferratin/Folate.

My B12 and Vit D were quite low then,they were within the 'so called NHS range' I'm much better now I have been supplementing them myself. Ask for a print out of your results including the range in brackets. Your Vit D results may take longer to arrive. Don't be shy because the old saying is 'If you don't ask, you don't get'.

Doctors didn't tell me the benefits of going gluten free, I wish they had.

They also didn't advise me to take Vitamin K2 MK-7 when they were prescribing me with Adcal ( Calcium& Vit D combined, not much Vit D in it). I developed over range calcium in my blood because of that. Not worried though because I have managed to lower it to under range now. I knocked their rubbish on the head.

Keep in touch and post your results when you get them.

Best Wishes we are all on your side here x


Thank you so much, I will let you know how I get on. Do you get your vitamins from the supermarket or Holland and barrett. I'm not on any thyroid meds, just antidepressants, lansoprazole for acid reflux, and ramipril for high blood pressure. I didn't know about fasting before having a blood test. Thanks again I feel much better getting this info x


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